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This Weeks Toonie Tuesday Special

"The Essential Guid To Blog Flipping"

Feb 18, 2014

Regular Price $27 

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Just $2.00 

Hurry, Its All Over At Midnight

Essential Market Tools


The Essential Guide To Blog Flipping

- How to flip a blog... from doing research, setting up Wordpress and finally transferring it over to the new owner, it's all here.

- Ideas for coming up with a great niche/topic. Hint: You don't necessarily need to think outside the box too much.

- Why choosing the right theme is so important - and how to do it.

- How to make your blog irresistible to buyers (It's all about including things that make it as desirable as possible)

- Why content is king - and the main options to consider for filling your blog with juicy content.

- How to generate traffic to your blog.

- What you should include in your Flippa listing for maximum results.


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